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Marines are looking for a few good trucks

March 19, 2003

Albany-- An Albany trucking company is not shy about supporting our military.

Some truck drivers are showing their patriotic pride in a big way, and you'll soon see them on a highway near you.

Southern Ag Trucking is having 15 trailers decaled with the U.S. Marines logo. It's part of a nationwide campaign to boost recruitment--the tractor-trailers will act like moving billboards, advertising for the Marines.

But, for Southern Ag, it's just another way to show their support for the military. "Since 9-11 everyone is patriotic. We were there also," says Linda Thompson of Southern Ag. "We've been decaling our trailers all of our equipment with the American flag and we just felt this was something we wanted to do-- it was important."

The U.S. Marines are decaling 1,000 trucks across the nation-- paying for the equipment and labor. The companies that volunteer their trucks are responsible for keeping the decals for at least two years.

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