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Big inconvenience for Leesburg homeowner

By Wainwright Jeffers - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – One Leesburg homeowner is sick and tired of sewage backing up into her only bathroom during heavy rain. She's tried to get the city to fix the problem for years.

The toilet flushes now, but 24-hours ago the family who lives in a Katie Lynn Street home in Leesburg couldn't use it.

"The tub fills up with sewage water, and the toilets will not work," said Deborah Thomas.

Thomas has lived in the house for eight years.

"It's been going on since I've lived here," said Thomas.

She says the backup is caused by problems with the city's sewer lines.

"I've called about 20, 30, 40 times complaining about this same problem," said Thomas. "They keep telling me it's the land slope, whenever they put the pipes in, they didn't have enough slope, they tell me it's the city problem but they won't fix it."

In her front yard there's evidence of fecal matter and toilet paper from the sewage backups.

"I've complained, and complained, and it's the same thing they keep saying we'll try to get it and nothing gets done, and I'm just fed up," said Thomas.

We called the City of Leesburg's maintenance department. No one would talk to us on camera, but they did say the problem will be fixed when a new sewage lift station, currently in the works, is completed.

"They told me February they told him March, so who knows," said Thomas.

She's tired of the mess and constantly having to cleaning it up.

"I've gone through so many towels, every thing floods over and I have to keep putting things down to get it up," said Thomas.

For now the toilet flushes but come Sunday more rain is expected.

"It's just a big inconvenience, you can't come in here in the morning and get ready for work," said Thomas.

Debra Thomas plans to attend the next city commission meeting with other citizens having the same problem to push for a solution.

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