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Tifton residents sue county over flooding

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By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

TIFTON, GA (WALB) –People in a Tift County neighborhood are once again dealing with high water. They're used it But they're sick of it.

Folks in the McInnis Mill sub-division are suing Tift County over the problems.

The suit was filed by residents living in the subdivision back in November and it is quite lengthy. But the suit is not just directed towards the county.

Its also the builder, the director of code administration and the director of roads and public works.

Michael Giddens and his family are used to packing.

"We know when it gets up on the back porch its time to start getting things off the floor start packing to move out," Giddens.

He says its better to be safe than sorry, when heavy rain is a threat.

"We had all the suitcases loaded up in the expedition to stay gone for a few days," said Giddens.

Thankfully, water only flooded the yard this time.

"Most the land you cant walk on right now," said Giddens.

But in March, Gidden's home was one of many flooded by heavy rains.

"We lost the majority of our possessions," said Giddens.

Flooding is an issue several residents living in the McInnis Mill subdivision say they have been dealing with for too long and in now they are taking action.

"There is pending litigation that was filed in November and the county has responded to that our council is talking to their council," said County manager Jim Carter.

The suit alleges that the developers and the county went forward without accurately designating limits of the flood zone without contacting or obtaining required information and approval from Tom Fisher and the Army Corp of Engineers.

The suit also alleges Tift County or other agents and employees of Tift County have engaged in a pattern of fraud and deception to conceal and cover up wrongdoings in relation to the land.

County manager Jim Carter wouldn't talk about the lawsuit, but he did acknowledge the devastation from March flooding.

"Folks furniture floated it was a sad thing to see," said Carter.

The County manager says regardless of the outcome of the lawsuit, the county will continue to work with fema and mitigate as much as possible for the property owners.

The county manager says they are actively trying to work with FEMA on some potential buyouts of the property, which is a mitigation that would alleviate flooding problems because it would remove that structure from the site.

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