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Recurring flooding causes neighbors to take action

By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - One thing is for sure for people who live in the McGinnis Mills Subdivision. They always keep their rain boots handy.

Beth Sellers has lived in her home for two years. This is the third flood she's seen. Creek water rose about three feet past a stick they used to measure in their yard.

"Every time it rains we worry will I lose everything," Sellers said.

Hope Layfield lives down the road. She and her family can relate as flood waters destroyed items in their home including her kids' toys.

"Every time it rains they freak out and wonder when it will happen again," Layfield said.

Layfield and her neighbors say they've asked the county to clean out ditches nearby clogged with debris, but they say the county can't touch wetlands.

Before Layfield bought her home eight years ago, she says the only wetland shown on the map was a small area in her side yard. A more recent drawing includes most of her yard.

"It's typical when it rains and water curves around our subdivision and backs up in our yard," Layfield said.

It backs up in Cindy Harbort's yard. A ditch used to sit below what looks like a murky pool.

Cindy says eight years ago the land owner filled up the ditch which re-routed water instead of fixing the flood.

She's not taking chances this time. Her family's items sit on higher ground or in water-proof bags.

These families are running out of time.

"We just ask the county to help," Layfield said.

More rain is expected Sunday. Neighbors hope this will be the wake up call to push the county to action.

About a dozen families are in the middle of a lawsuit with the builder who developed McGinnis Mills.

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