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Tree knocks out power lines in Thomasville

By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

THOMASVILLE, GA (WALB) - This morning's storm knocked out power to a Thomasville school and several neighborhoods for several hours.

A tree fell on power lines and into a street during. Thankfully, no one was hurt.

Now the city is making sure it doesn't happen again.

Thomasville utility workers spent hours clearing debris and repairing power lines after a tree fell across Glenwood Drive in Thursday's storm.

Mindy Katz lives in the neighborhood. She said, "The power went out and I came out to look and there was a very large tree right down there straight across the road and I was just happy it went between the houses."

The tree came down at around 9:30 am, just missing the early morning school traffic. Luckily, no one was hurt, but officials say the downed tree and power lines still pose risks.

"Having outages is dangerous," said Molly Powell of Thomasville's Public Works City Beautification division. "As you can tell we have several traffic lights out and that makes it dangerous to the public."

Residents say this isn't the first time a tree has fallen in the area.

"I had a tree come down in my front yard last year," said Katz. "Everything is so wet. The root systems on that one is very exposed I think it was just sopping wet."

The tree that fell just barely missed a house. Officials knew they needed to do something to prevent this, or something worse, from happening again.

The city of Thomasville decided it was best to just go ahead and remove six trees in MacIntyre Park, including this one.

We watched as the crew took down that very tree.

"We took several out along here that were leaning towards the lines after this one fell," said Terry Henderson, a supervisor of Thomasville Utilities' Electric Distribution division. "We don't want to take any trees out of Thomasville but sometimes we have to."

Because the safety of Thomasville's people is more important than a few pines trees.

City workers say all the power should be restored by nightfall. But clean up could take a few days.

Those fallen trees will be used to make utility poles.

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