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Lee County homeowners frustrated by flash flooding

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –Neighbors in a south Lee County area are frustrated.  They say they've been waiting for years for something to be done to prevent flash flooding.

Thursday morning one home was surrounded by nearly four feet of water and a pond overflowed, submerging yards and driveways.

About six inches of rain fell overnight off Lovers Lane Road in Lee County, flooding the yard around Rhonda Johns' home. No water got in her home, but it was a frightening and frustrating morning as she and her kids were stranded in their house.

Rhonda Johns and her three children spent much of the morning stranded inside their home by nearly four feet of water surrounding it. They have lived in the house off Lovers' Lane Road for about five years, and have had water standing in the yard several times, but never this bad.

 Johns said "It's hard. You are supposed to sleep better when it rains. We don't sleep when it does."

Public works crews put sandbags around her air conditioner and doors, making sure the water did not get into the house. Johns was grateful for the help, but obviously frustrated.

Her next door neighbor Dick Neff is also frustrated by yet another flash flooding on his property.

Neff said "We've had problems here for 20 years, and nothing's been done."

Neff's pond overflowed its banks when the roadside ditches overflowed into it, and now his property is mostly underwater. His driveway and his son's were underwater most of the morning, and he is worried he will be cut off.

 Neff said "Water came over the road up here, and it's gone over the pond as you can see. And if it keeps on raining this road will be flooded."

Lee County has been working for more than a year to put drainage pipes between Neff's driveway and Johns' yard to take care of this type of flooding, but still don't have another landowners permission. Neff said he has been dealing with these drainage problems for decades, and still sees no progress.

Why don't you think they will fix it? Neff said "They don't have the money. They said it was too dangerous to dig this deeper."

About 10:30 Johns daughter walked down the driveway. A frustrating problem for these Lee County families with low lying property, dealing with the worst flash flooding they have ever seen.

The good news, no water got into the Johns or Neff's homes.  Later in the afternoon Lee County started pumping the water out of the Johns' yard, and Public Works Director Mike Sistrunk says the drainage pipes by their home is still near the top of the list of work projects.

Nearly 14-inches of rain fell in that area last month.  There's already been close to 10-inches this month.

The land is saturated, and the rain has nowhere to run off.

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