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Several counties deluged by rain

Lightning struck beside a home in Albany Thursday morning Lightning struck beside a home in Albany Thursday morning
Rain collects in low areas in Leesburg Rain collects in low areas in Leesburg

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Rain gauges in Lee County showed more than six inches of rainfall overnight, filling ditches and flooding some streets.

At the intersection of Highway 19 and the 32 bypass and Robert B. Lee drive, rainwater filled the ditches and spilled out onto the road and parking lot at McDonalds. Not far away neighbors in the Stonegate Manor Apartments found themselves flooded in as water crept dangerously close.

Some kids couldn't make it to the school bus. Sewage mixed with rainwater, making for a mess that was knee deep.

Trustys were pressed into service to fill sand bags for areas of Leesburg that needed them. Anyone needing sand bags can call public works.

We've had some reports throughout the morning of water over the road in several counties, and the wet weather created nasty conditions for driver causing several accidents in the area.

In Lee County on Highway 32 near Graves Springs Road, the slick roadway caused a Leesburg Police officer to hydroplane in his cruiser. Fortunately he's ok.

Worth County also reported water over Sheep Hole Hill Road, Medders Road, and some sections of Highway 313. A pond overflowed and water covered part of State Route 50. Despite the conditions, the water did not force any road closures.

After a pair of tractor trailers wrecked overnight in Colquitt County, and another semi crash this one in Randolph County.

Sheriff's officials say a rig hauling pulp wood ran off the road on Highway 27 South around 5:30 this morning and struck a tree. The driver only suffered minor injuries. Authorities believe the accident was weather related.

The severe weather overhead caused a frightening morning for Northwest Albany family. Lightning struck a house on Nottingham Way and blew a hole in a wall.

Albany Firefighters were called out to the home around 6 this morning, but luckily the lightning strike didn't spark any flames, but did cause damage to the interior and exterior of the home.

The homeowner who was asleep in bed when it all happened. Fire officials used fans to clear out the smoke from the home.

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