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I.R.S. last minute tips

March 18, 2003

Albany -- April 15th and the tax deadline are less than one month away. Albany's Internal Revenue Service is a busy place, as people seek help with their tax returns.

The I.R.S. says record numbers of people are filing electronically this year. In 2002 over 54 million tax returns were E-Filed. If you are finishing up your tax return, watch out for some of the common mistakes most people make.

I.R.S. Media specialist Mark Green says look out "for not putting your social security number on the tax return. Misadding your totals. Not putting the names of your dependents or their social security numbers on your return."

Military personnel are being given a 6-month extension if they owe taxes. A military person who is deployed can file an extension, and will not have to pay their tax bill until 6 months after their active duty ends.

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