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Students take over Capitol discussions

March 18, 2003

ALBANY - Wednesday will be Albany-Dougherty Day at the State Capitol, even though there aren't many local or state leaders in Atlanta.

Instead students from Albany State, Albany Tech and Darton are making the trip. They'll be doing more than just learning about the legislative process. Though the general assembly is in recess, they'll meet with the Governor and Lieutenant Governor. So it's up to the students to make a pitch for local projects like the ASU Stadium. "We always ask why are they doing this?" Albany Tech student Natasha Brown said. "We get a better outlook with a student telling a fellow student."

"We've always had so many of our delegation up there that they take all the appointments, so we are glad the students will have this opportunity," Kathi Schillo said.

The students were given cameras as they boarded the bus so they can take pictures for the chamber of commerce. They'll return home Thursday.

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