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Phoebe Putney continues fight to prohibit birthing center

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Phoebe Putney Hospital leaders defend their decision to go to court to prevent Palmyra Medical Center from delivering babies. 

Phoebe lost two appeals and now is taking the case into the state court system. Inside Phoebe's Neonatal Intensive Care Unit Wednesday, Phoebe CEO Joel Wernick said another birthing center would dilute service in the community. The hospital's latest appeal claims the state violated its Certificate of Need policy by allowing the expansion of obstetric services without an increase in population. Palmyra CEO Mark Rader disagrees.

"The question of need come down tow if there is no change in the volume and there's no predicted change in our population, then there is no volume change there is not a need," said Wernick.

"(The region) It ranks low with prenatal care services because there's not enough access points we ant to be able to be part of the solution work with the community, work with Phoebe to enhance the services offered to people who want to have choice in delivering babies," said Rader.

Palmyra executives say they've played by the rules for more than 20-years, and now it's time for Phoebe to do the same. Officials say technically they could move forward with the birthing center because they're been granted the CON and are working with architects on the plans as well as recruiting staff for the center.

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