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Phoebe touts heart treatment speed

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Phoebe Putney Memorial Hospital says they're treating heart patients faster than ever.

The national average is 90 minutes to get a patient from the emergency room door to catheterization.  Phoebe's average for last year was 86 minutes, and in December it was 52 minutes. 

The hospital credits the success to getting the entire team on board, from paramedics to Cardiologist.  Patients say it's made a big difference.   

"I've been here for eight different operations and it was rather slow, from the emergency room to the Cath lab, but the last couple of times it's been pretty smooth," said patient Richard Reedy.

00:47:07 Gerald  "It was marvelous from the get go, from the guys coming to the house to get me, it's like having angels everywhere I went," said patient Gerald Hallman.

Richard Reedy's door to balloon response time was just 17 minutes and Gerald Hallman's was better at 12 minutes. 

Phoebe leaders say 39 state of the art EKG machine's the hospital bought for ambulances have helped by giving doctors needed information before the patient arrives at the hospital.

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