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Truck overturns

March 18, 2003

Moultrie-- A truck, carrying potentially harmful chemicals, overturned. The area was marked off while emergency teams checked the contents of the load.

Shortly before eight Tuesday morning, an unsecured trailer unhitched from the truck that was hauling it, flipping over on its side.

A portion of State Road 37 in Moultrie was closed off, while police and emergency teams checked for a chemical spill. The load was thought to carry aluminum sulfate, which in large quantities can be dangerous.

"We were called out because of a possibility of a chemical spill,"said EMS Director Chris Wainwright. Police say only a little bit of the chemical was found. "The only thing we found was a small quantity of aluminum sulfate and we determined it was not an unsafe situation so everything was fine," said Wainwright.

The driver, Cecil Daniels, was cited for driving with an unsecured load. It took more than four hours to clear the roadway.

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