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Veteran pilot reacts to President's address

March 18, 2003

Valdosta - Retired Air Force Colonel Wayne Edwards was listening closely Monday night as President Bush addressed the nation and began the countdown to war.

"He's making a wise decision and knows what's best for the country," said Edwards. "Our military leaders know much more than we do and are making decisions that will better our country."

Edwards was deployed from Moody Air Force Base for nine months during the Gulf War period. He flew F-16 jets throughout the Middle Eastern countries and knows what U.S. troops are going through. "It's hot, dry, and a miserable place to be," said Edwards. "As far as flying conditions go, sometimes it's clear as day and sometimes it's so hazy you can't navigate your way through anything."

An avid Bush supporter, Edwards encourages Americans to have complete faith in our military leaders and troops. "We're going to win this thing, that's not a question," said Edwards. "The thing that is unknown is the cost of winning and how many casualties we'll have."

And once the war is over, Saddam Hussein will no longer be a threat. "Saddam is done," said Edwards. "By the end of this thing, he's going to be out of commission by either taking himself out, arrest for war crimes, or death."

Edwards has been retired for 7 years, but wishes he could be in the Middle East now defending our country. He says the best advice for U.S. troops is keep the faith, be brave, and return home safe and soon.

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