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Adel man home after quake, son-in-law still missing

By Jade Bulecza - bio | email

ADEL, GA (WALB) –An Adel family has experienced great joy and terrible heartache in the aftermath of the earthquake in Haiti.

John Scarboro was in Port au Prince on business with his son-in-law, David Apperson.

Scarboro is now home with his family. Apperson is still missing.

John Scarboro the owner of Adel Steel Inc. returned to his home in Adel Sunday after being treated at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami.

This photo shows the bruising and injuries he suffered when the Hotel Montana collapsed. 

He was on the fifth floor when suddenly the quake hit.

"It was like a bomb went off you had no time to make any decisions," said Scarboro.

Forty-five minutes later he pulled himself out of six to eight feet of rubble.

"I could see light so I started digging towards the light," he said.

When he dug his way to the ground level he didn't know which way to go so a hotel worker, a Spanish woman, and a military guard took him by the hand pulling him over the rubble. Scarboro says God was with him every step of the way. He was moved to several places before he got to the hospital in Miami.

Scarboro wants people to keep hope.

"There's so much confusion they could be out there your loved one could be out there and not be able to get in touch with you," said Scarboro.

Scarboro's daughter Lorie knew he was all right when someone from the Save the Children's shelter contacted her.

"I'm extremely grateful to God for bringing my dad back and that I know he's taking care of David and I want whoever is in charge with the government, the search teams to know how much he's loved and how much we want him home," said Lorie Apperson.

Lorie's husband, David Apperson, was with Scarboro on the business trip. To the family's knowledge, he hasn't been found.

"He's a man that has a large heart and is a great father and grandfather," he said. "Seven grandkids and we want him back and we want news of him as soon as we can get it."

Jon Scarboro knows how lucky he is to be home. Two business associates remain missing, including a man who was standing right next to him when the earthquake struck.

Lorie Apperson says they're not giving up and that they're praying for all the victims and all the families who have missing loved ones.

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