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Haitian taxi driver's wife survives

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – An Albany taxi driver whose family is in Haiti got mixed news. His family survived the quake, but they lost everything.

After days of waiting, Pierre Baptiste finally heard from his wife Rachel Chales Monday.

She was driving home when the quake hit. She wasn't hurt, but their home was destroyed. It took days for her to be able to charge her cell phone and call her husband. He says he was very thankful to hear her voice.

"I was so happy I thanked God," Baptiste said. "I thanked God, she was okay, everybody lived, part of my family, that they're okay. I thanked God for that."

Baptiste heard from one of his two brothers during our interview. He said electricity remains spotty at best.

Baptiste's family left the city for the countryside. They discouraged him from going home right now. He says he'll try to make the trip in about a month.


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