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Illegal pedestrian crossing poses dangers

 By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  Following  Saturday night's deadly hit and run on West Olgethorpe Boulevard, WALB investigated the issue. It's an area known for accidents. In fact since May of last year, three people have been struck by cars. Two of them, including Saturday's victim died.

Less than six months after a car hit two pedestrians at 400 West Olgethorpe, two cars hit and killed another man on the same block Saturday.

Chantel Williams, Manager at Church's Chicken, has frequently seen wrecks near the intersection of West Olgethorpe Boulevard and Jefferson Street.  She says people also disregard the crosswalks.

"Mostly they cross in the middle of the road and not the crosswalk," Williams said. "Cars are driving so fast too."

Albany Police say fatalities stem from people who cross the road where they want instead of where they should- that's the marked lines. Albany's Traffic Division urges people to stop

Officers say if people pay close attention to the crosswalk and drivers exercise caution, many more lives will be spared from here on out.

QunDez Carter was riding his bike across the street where Roosevelt Coley was hit Saturday night. I asked him why it's important to use the crosswalk.

"So I don't get hit by a car," Carter said. " Incase a drunk driver runs the light and causes confusion I don't want to get hit by a car."

Last May another Albany man was hit and killed riding his bike just two blocks down on the 200 block of West Olgethorpe.

That's where Duane Cartwright says he tries to use the crosswalk but doesn't like waiting for the light.

" I try there first and if I get a red light I'll cross here," Cartwright said. "I know it's dangerous but I don't want to wait."

Police say patience and obeying the warning signs of danger is the smartest move anyone can make.

Georgia state law says people who don't use crosswalks when available can face misdemeanor charges depending on what the judge decides

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