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Former Dougherty cop now in Ga. prison

March 17, 2003

Albany -- Former Dougherty County Assistant Police Chief Woody Hart is now in the Georgia Diagnostic Prison in Jackson. His lawyer is asking for a hearing of the Georgia State Court of Appeals to get him out.

Hart was released from a federal prison in Arkansas Friday after serving 27 months for bribery and perjury. Georgia authorities want him to serve 3 and a half more months on state charges to which he also pleaded guilty.

 He checked into the Jackson Prison Monday morning. Judge John Crosby ruled last month that Hart should not serve more time in state prison after federal authorities released him.

Dougherty County District Attorney Ken Hodges appealed Judge Crosby's ruling. Hart's lawyer has requested a speedy hearing on that appeal.

 Right now Hart is scheduled to be released June 30th.

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