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Bush addresses nation, Saddam

March 17, 2003

Albany- Secretary of State Colin Powell addressed the nation saying the "time for diplomacy has passed", and UN inspectors have been ordered to move out of Iraq. Both signs that war is imminent.

"I think we need to go ahead and get it over with. We've got a madman over there that's killing his own people," exclaims Hugh Smith.

President bush will address the nation tonight and is expected to tell Saddam to leave Iraq or the face consequences of war. Something some South Georgians don't mind doing.

"I live here and I'm proud of our President and I agree with what he's doing. If we've got to fight for what we believe in then that's what we've got to do," says Angela Mainor.

Some even fear America will face serious consequences, like terroristic backlash, if Bush gives the go ahead to attack Iraq. "

Others are hoping the President will deliver a message more centered around a peaceful resolution. "I really hope he's gonna tell us that they've solved the solution with Saddam and his problem, and us not having to go in and loose our troops and endanger our country and their country and their people," claims Jimmy Lee.

Whether they're hoping for a resolution or a deadline to begin fighting South Georgians will be tuned in to the presidential address.

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