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Tweaking consolidation resolution

March 17, 2003

Albany - Studying consolidation gets the go ahead from city leaders, but not without some tweaks on the county proposed plan. It's been 30 years since Dougherty County reviewed the way it does business. Monday, city commissioners tentatively voted in favor of a plan to establish a 20 member commission. The group will study how taxpayer money can be used more efficiently.

The city made some changes in the county's proposal. "We thought that the city and county clerks should share responsibilities. We also wanted to have four public meeting instead of three. Finally, we thought the study commission should hire it's own attorney rather than using the city or county attorney," said Mayor Tommy Coleman.

Only commissioner Arthur Williams voted against the study. He said many of the city and county services are already unified and the study would be a waste of money. Now, city commissioners must pass the revised plan in its regular meeting. Then, it will go back to the county for approval.

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