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War protestors ask for help from city officials

March 17, 2003

Valdosta - The South Georgia Coalition for Peace is asking for support from Valdosta city officials.

"We know the resolution probably won't pass, but we just want them to vote one way or the other," said Michael Davey, Coalition Leader. "About 120 other cities in the United States have done this, and we feel this is the way to let Congress know many people in the South Georgia region don't support the war."

But Valdosta City Manager Larry Hanson says the issue most likely won't appear on the council's agenda. "The mayor did give council members the opportunity to place it on the agenda if they wished, but no one has expressed an interest in seeing it voted on," said Hanson.

Being a strong military community is also a factor in the council's decision. "With Valdosta being a military town and Moody such a community-supported base, we're concerned about the message it would send," said Hanson.

The coalition stresses that they're not against the troops, and strongly support Moody Air Force Base. They say they'll continue to their demonstrations until the troops come home safely.

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