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Be aware of bogus checks

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Thieves are stealing them from mailboxes in Albany and Dougherty County, washing them, and cashing them for thousands of dollars

Thieves changed a check written for $103 to a $9,243 check and then cashed it at a liquor store. Dougherty County Police say the master mind behind the ring is 37-year-old Willie Bob Stevens.

They issued two warrants for his arrest and want your help to find him. They also want people who receive government checks to secure their mailboxes.

"We want to advise them to get a direct deposit if they can," said Dougherty County Police Capt. James Sexton. "I know a lot of folks, lower income folks don't have checking accounts, or bank accounts but to get a locking mailbox or a PO Box."

 Albany Police also issued warrants for Stevens cousin 38-year-old Alfreda Shelton. They say she helped Stevens secure people to cash the forged checks.

So far, police have found seven victims. They think there are more. If you expected a government check and didn't receive it, you should call the post office or police to report it missing.

The Dougherty County Sheriff's office has arrested one person for cashing a forged check for $900 but refuses to release the suspect's name, even though that is public information.


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