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Woods are on fire at Chehaw Park

By Jay Polk - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – If you saw heavy smoke fill the air around Chehaw Park Thursday afternoon, you might have been tempted to call the Fire Department.  But it was just a controlled burn.

Chehaw Park burned 15 acres today cut down on the growth of underbrush.  If the underbrush is left for too long, any spark - whether natural or man-made can start a wildfire.

But while fire is often thought of as a destructive force in the forest, Chehaw is using this fire to help pave the way for new plant life.

Ben Kirkland, the Natural Resources Manager at Chehaw Park said, "we're also cleaning up several areas where we'll be coming back in the next month and planting some longleaf pine. Longleaf was the major pine species throughout Southwest Georgia, we've lost most of that."

If you would like to conduct a prescribed fire on your land, you need to get a permit. To get one, you can contact your local Georgia Forestry Commission office and apply for one online.

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