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Prayer weekend comes to an end

March 16, 2003

Moultrie- It may be the last day of the state wide weekend of prayer, but not for members at First Presbyterian Church.

Many members say prayer has helped the faith community deal with the uncertainty of this looming war. Church members remember deployed military men and women by posting their names in the church bulletin every week.

Connie Fritz adds, "We just want to pray for the military and remember what they are doing for us."

A name that may soon appear on the list of active duty personnel is Greg Johnson, the son of W.C. and Marie Johnson.

W.C. Johnson says, "We are just so proud of our son." Marie Johnson adds, "It's nothing you can imagine. It's tough having a son who may lose his life in war."

Last week, Governor Perdue sent of proclamation to President Bush declaring the Georgia "Weekend of Prayer."

Perdue said, "Since our nation's humble beginnings, our people have always turned to God for inspiration, strength and guidance. If ever we need that divine wisdom and direction, it is now."

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