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Turtles are well on their way

March 15, 2003

Albany- The ten day build is over and the Turtle Grove play park is under way. Organizers say they can hardly believe how the community came together and accomplished so much.

"The community was great I think particularly as weird as the weather was we got an incredible amount accomplished..," says Sandra Smith of Turtle Stew.

Smith says though it may not look like much now the park is definitely on its way, something volunteers can be proud of. "It really feels good to come out here and give of our time myself and some of the members of my fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi. We felt like this would be an excellent opportunity to give back to the community," claims volunteer Michael Holmes.

The rainy weather didn't seem to effect progress, in fact, turtles are beginning to take shape and soon others will follow. Like the ones debuted at the Turtle Stew Spring Fashion show.

Soon they will decorated with winning designs created by contest winners like Mary Hughes, who designed a glitter turtle.

Whether it be glittery turtle, a small tile, or mud from the work site, hundreds of South Georgians will leave their mark on Turtle Grove.

The second phase of the build will begin in October. That's when the play structures and landscaping will be done.

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