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U.S. looks for support from France and Germany

March 15, 2003

Albany- Many Americans say they are upset France and Germany are not supporting the United States in the U.N Security Council.  During World War II, the U.S. helped liberate France.  

Now, some say they should return the favor.  Mark Brunson adds, "They need to help us.  We have done so much for us."

 As the uncertainty of war persists, many South Georgians say they are very nervous about America's future. Joyce Wakefield says, "I just pray every night.  I hope we are safe."

While others say they are confident and feel President Bush is taking the right steps against Iraq.  Andy Stephens adds, "I think Bush is doing everything he can to help the country.  He is doing a great job."

President Bush will meet with the United Nations security council for an emergency Island Summit, hoping he gets the nine votes he needs to help disarm Iraq.

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