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How stressed are students?

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – A new study says there are five times more high school and college students dealing with anxiety and stress now than during the Great Depression. One Albany psychologist says that may not be the case.

Dr. Cheryl Kaiser believes that high school and college students can be very stressed out. Actually, she compares the mental status of a student in his final years of graduate school to that of an in-treatment mental patient. 

Dr. Kaiser says she's not sure there are more patients, rather, she says people are more savvy about treatment options and that seeking treatment is more socially acceptable than it was during the Great Depression.

She said, "The people who were alive during that time were very, very socialized into believing that they had to handle everything all by themselves, very much of a walk it off generation. 'You got a problem, you better handle it yourself', and now we're understanding more that it's great to ask for help and to get the help you need from somebody that's trained."

Many of the students who made up the study were in introductory psychology courses.

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