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Cold weather still affecting some crops

By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

CAMILLA, GA (WALB) – South Georgia farmers are starting to see the effects of the extended cold.

"I've noticed that we've had some bloom damage," said Scott Vann of Vann Farms.

But some farmers remain optimistic.

"We're going to hope for warm weather and start again."

Strawberries, cotton, and leafy green crops are most at risk in the below freezing temperatures. For some farmers, the cold just means delayed harvest times. For the less fortunate, it could result in the loss of entire crops.

"The wet weather and now the cold weather, recent days below freezing temperatures has had some impact on our leafy green crops and we probably have some freeze burn," said Edd Harrison of Mitchell County Extension Services.

While the cold weather is bad for some crops, others, like peaches, actually thrive in it.

"Yeah, peaches do like it," says Harrison. "We have some pick your own peaches. Peaches have to have some chill time during this time of the year for normal harvesting."

Vann knows his peaches are loving the colder weather. But he's not as confident that his strawberry crops will pull through.

"Ideally, you want to have winter and then when spring starts, you want spring to get here."

For now, Vann is thankful for one thing: that the cold came early.

"If this were the first week in February, I would be really worried."


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