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Gas prices break record high

March 14, 2003

Albany- If you have a car and plan on driving anywhere, be prepared to dig a little deeper into your pocket. The state average is $1.56 per gallon... nine cents more than the record high of $1.47 set in May 2001.

But there is good news for South Georgians, most stations in Albany are posting prices around $1.53 for regular gas. Still some say that price is even hurting their pockets.

Robert Thibault says even that price is hurting his pockets because he lives in Mitchell County and has to commute to work five days a week. He even says he's started to stay with friends in Albany during the week to save himself from paying so much.

Other say gas is so high that they've stopped filling up unless its necessary. Kerry Montgomery only fills his car up when he goes out of town, but around town he gets just enough to get him where he needs to go.

Customers say they aren't sure why prices are so high, but they know if they want to drive they have to pay the price.

The national average for regular gas is $1.70... 14 cents higher than Georgia's average. The highest price nationwide is in San Francisco. Its a whopping $2.25.

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