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Valdosta business helps feed U.S.troops

March 14, 2003

Valdosta - Business is more than Booming at IJ Food Services. "It's more than doubled," said General Manager John Stokes.

The company ships several tons of food to U.S. troops each week. "They get anything from ice cream, to steak, lobster, canned good, all kinds of drinks, and basically anything they request," said Stokes.

IJ Foods usually ships about 40 containers filled with food each week. But with the situation in the Middle East, that number has more than doubled. "We're sending out anywhere from 80 to 100 containers now," said Stokes.

Several extra steps must be taken to ship food overseas. A certain machine wraps the products and makes sure they make it to the troops without damage or spoiling. To ensure freshness, food is shipped to the troops within days after IJ Food Services receives it from the manufacturer.

"The military bases get first priority and all their food is shipped in the same week that we receive it," said Stokes.

Once the containers are filled with food, they're loaded onto ships and usually make it to overseas military bases within 3 weeks.

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