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Cold weather boosts business

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 By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) -  Unpleasant weather usually has more people staying inside. That's been the case in Albany with our recent cold snap.

WALB's Tayleigh Davis spoke to some business owners who are benefiting quite a bit with this harsh weather.

Business is booming and foods-a-cookin' at House of China II kitchen on Dawson Road. Before the dinner rush, Mike Choi says deliveries have been up slightly.

"I probably had two or three tables dine in and I probably had 30 deliveries, Choi said."

That was a few years back when bad weather was a factor, Choi has seen a similar not-so-drastic pattern lately.

"For this past weekend we had a lot of business but people do brave the cold and come out," Choi noted. "The dine-in was pretty much normal."

Choi says on a normal night he delivers between 12 and 15 orders, but recently he's delivered closer to 20 a night. It's not even 7:00 and one delivery employee is already on his fifth run for the night.

"The cold weather has caused business to pick up at the Video Warehouse. Employees say sales have almost doubled recently. 

"Business has been good and people are indoors so they don't get sick," said Video Warehouse employee Lindsey Merchant. "Movie rentals have definitely gone up."

Employees say they see roughly $400 to $500 more coming in on busy nights like Tuesdays when new releases are out.

"It's been busier on slow says like Sundays and Mondays too," Marchant added.

Tyrone Walker makes a point to visit the Video Warehouse weekly.

"I love movies because I'm a movie fanatic," Walker said. "Most of the time I do indoor activities when it's chilly."

As people stay inside more often, business owners like Choi hope they'll crave a hot meal too. We checked in with some pizza places in Albany. Employees at Pizza Hut and Papa Johns say delivery sales have been up all weekend.

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