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Frostbite reported in SW Georgia

By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – Frigid temperatures have caused at least two cases of frostbite in southwest Georgia.

Podiatrist Dr. Glenn Dowling told us a woman walking for hours in flip-flops and a boy in wet tennis shoes both developed a mild form of frostbite. Dowling says when temperatures drop into the teens it only takes up to 30 minutes to develop frostbite on exposed skin, especially if it's moist.

In some severe cases it can blacken the skin. He said like a trauma, blood rushes away from the extremities to protect vital organs. 

"When it gets cold, the same thing happens, we shut the blood from the extremities, out and of course people like diabetics and the elderly who have poor circulation in their feet already, they get damaged real real quick because of the cold damage," said Dr. Dowling.

Because diabetics often lose feeling in their feet they're more susceptible to frostbite because they can't feel themselves getting cold.

Smokers can also get colder faster because of the constriction in their veins.

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