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Weatherizing windows saves money

 By Tayleigh Davis - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) - Temperatures have dropped drastically since earlier Thursday evening.

To beat those extreme conditions, WALB spoke to one specialist at Albany Glass who says weatherizing windows may cut down on drafts and costs in the long run.

Darryl Neville and his wife, and dog have lived in their home for six years.Neville says he can tell a difference in his windows which are weatherized -similar to many homes in the neighborhood.

" You don't feel a draft in the windows compared to when I lived in apartments," Neville said. "You'd get a draft through apartment windows but here they seem to be holding the heat."

Reed Lightfoot with Albany Glass says the windows he installs hold the heat because they have two layers. Argon gas in between keeps the unwanted draft out.

"Once gas escaped there is no insulation factor," Lightfoot said. "It's jut like a plain piece of glass."

He replaced a window inside his shop with an energy efficient one, which keeps his office warmer.

"You definitely can tell a difference especially with the cold days we've had, Lightfoot."

He installed similar windows in his home which cost more, but he says in the long run, it cut his electric bill by a fourth.

Lightfoot says it's a noticeable value for home owners. Neville says he's on a budget billing plan where he pays the same amount every month.

"Therefore I cant tell the difference if the glass is working because of my payment plan but I can definitely tell that the newer windows do help out a lot, Neville added."

They also keep the woman (dog) of the house comfortable too.

Owners of Albany glass also installed energy efficient windows and doors in their building after the 1998 flood. They say it significantly cut their energy bills.

Of course there are other things people can do to weatherize their home such as putting in insulation and weather stripping around doors.

People can also get a federal tax break for installing those items because it cuts energy use.

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