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It's cold, bundle up!

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – It's going to be bitterly cold this weekend with a wind chill of zero predicted here in Albany. Heaters are already working overtime. And homes that aren't properly insulated are difficult to heat.

It's important that if you're in a home that doesn't have adequate heat, to dress properly, in layers, and move around to generate body heat.

Dougherty Deputy EMA Director Jim Vaught said, "Do things in layers, put on layers of clothing, same thing when you go to bed, layers of blankets so that you can combat the cold, but leave your pipes running, water running so your pipes don't break. Just take those kinds of precautions, the elderly especially need to be checked on to make sure they are okay."

If there are power outages, and you're without heat for an extended period of time, try finding another warm spot, like the Mall, the library or a restaurant to stay warm for a while.

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