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Local stores sell out of cold weather items

By LeiLani Golden - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – As people try to stay warm in this bitter cold space heaters are now hard to find in some stores.

In fact, lots of cold weather items are big sellers right now. From insulation to wrap for water pipes and heat lamps for dog houses.

WALB-News 10's LeiLani Golden shows us the cold weather hot sellers.

It's cold out there! And people are rushing to stock up on items to stay a little warmer.

"Mostly heat lamps, pipe wraps, pipe insulation, heaters, those little electric heaters and stuff like that."

Hughes Hardware store in east Albany is just one of the local stores having trouble keeping those items in stock.

"We made a trip to Tifton yesterday to get some extra stuff that we had run out of," says Fussell Hughes.

But what's the hottest item in the cold weather?

"Pipe wrap."

When temperatures dropped below freezing last night, some people woke up to busted pipes. Others, like Roy Mathis, didn't even have a chance to protect their pipes.

"Well, I came out to get some repair stuff to fix some broken pipes. I was out of town and uh, there was a hard freeze before I got back," said Mathis.

Hughes says he's sold a lot of heat lamps as well.

"Some of them they're putting on animals...pets that they've got outside. A lot of people will take them and put tarp over their water heaters, water pumps and tanks. Put a heat lamp in there to keep everything in there kind of warm."

Fussell Hughes told us that most hardware stores get bi-weekly shipments of supplies. So if you're having trouble finding an item, check back often or visit other stores in the area.


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