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Citizen holds burglars at gunpoint

^Scotty Phillips ^Scotty Phillips
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March 13, 2003

Moultrie - Scotty Phillips  was so tired of being burglarized, that he took it upon himself to do his own investigation. He arrested two burglars in his driveway, held them at gunpoint, and waited for police.

Scotty Phillips' siren is bad news for burglars. He says, "The neighborhood, we've had several break-ins." Phillips got fed up. He explains, "Having military experience and moonlighting in security business I had to come up with my own plan."

Using motion detectors, camouflage clothing and a two way radio with his wife inside, he caught two strangers red-handed breaking into his car. He held them at gunpoint and called police. He made a citizen's arrest.

He held up 34-year-old Demetrius Roney, but that didn't stop the crime because two weeks later he got 39-year-old Jimmy Lewis. Both are still behind bars charged with a felony, entering auto. Phillips says, "The second one, he was shocked he was caught."

Phillips admits it's not for everyone, but the arrests have sparked a major interest in the community. He explains, "Since I've had so many people call asking how we're doing it, we're toying with the idea of starting our own part-time security company."

Another interesting part of Phillip's story. More than two years ago he wrote a book about protecting yourself from criminals. He plans to name his security company after the book, Justice Rendered . With his book, security company and arrests, he's done his part to keep the bad guys away.

Phillips is in the process of writing another book about crime, this time on domestic violence. Police say if you plan to make a citizen's arrest, make sure you are safe in the process. You never know if the criminal has a gun or weapon to fight back.

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