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French and German product sales slump

March 13, 2003

Albany- Workers at Lighthouse Liquors in Albany say sales of French wines have slowed. Co-owner, Keith Clark, says, "We've only sold a couple of bottles of French wine."

Clark says the reluctance of Americans to buy French wines is a direct result of France's hesitance to back the United States in the pending war with Iraq.

He adds, "The French have threatened to veto U.S. plans at the United Nations. They are a front runner in opposing war on Iraq."

2 Big Feet Owner, Neil Moncrief, doesn't carry French or German brands, as noted by a sign outside of his store. Moncrief says, "Those two countries have done basically nothing for the good of mankind."

Moncrief says the U.S. liberated France in World War II, but now it seems they won't return the favor. He adds, "Everything the U.S. does for foreign policy is just and noble including the situation with Iraq, now countries we have helped, won't help us." .

So until Americans see these countries lend a helping hand, both store owners say their products won't be in demand on U.S. soil.

The deadline for Iraq to disarm was supposed to be Monday, but with the vote being delayed, the deadline has been pushed back.

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