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Moody pilots undergo strict training

March 13, 2003

Lowndes County - Nicholas Stathopoulos is in his fifth week of T-6 pilot training. "The curriculum is hard but we've got great instructors and a great program here," said Stathopoulos.

The first few weeks of pilot training at Moody Air Force Base are filled with book work, computer activities, and lots of memorization. "We come in about 8 in the morning, do academics all day, go home and study, and come back to do the same the next day," said Stathopoulos.

Student pilots must know everything about their gear. If it isn't used right, the effects could be deadly. "This gear is extremely important and a life saving mechanism in their flights," said Abygayl Sanders, Training Support Squadron.

After about a month of classroom work comes the fun part of training, a T-6 flight simulator. "Simulator work is great because our instructors can put us in a dangerous situation that we have to figure out on our own, yet we're still safe in the simulator," Stathopoulos.

This simulator is an exact replica of the T-6 cockpit and gives a 270 degree view of what's going on outside. "It is the best preparation the students can possibly have for flying the plane," said Major Peter Fagan. "They can encounter stalls, rolls, and anything that could possibly happen in flight."

After several weeks of T-6 flight simulation, student pilots are ready to take on the aircraft. They must then complete another year and a half of training on other aircrafts before they're ready for a mission.

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