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Cold temps have heating techs busy

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ALBANY, GA (WALB) – These freezing temperatures can be dangerous and even deadly if you can't keep your home warm. Heaters are working overtime and that's led to some breakdowns. That means heating technicians are also working overtime to get that heat blasting again.

From sun up to sun down, Art Thompson has been on the go. "Been real busy the past couple of days," said Thompson.

He's been braving the cold to make sure homeowners stay warm. "I've been going at it since 8 o'clock this morning," said Thompson, "we definitely had a lot of calls today. We've got all our technicians going hard as they can go."

"They're working from can to can't," said Clay Carr with SafeAire Heating and Cooling.

The decrease in temperatures has increased the work load for technicians with SafeAire Heating and Cooling. "Since the weather turned cold we've gone from about ten service calls a day to five to ten an hour so it's a pretty big increase," said Carr.

About nine technicians are responding to those calls and trying to get to them all. "We try to and it's difficult when the load gets that high and then parts availability is another thing that plays a key factor in that," said Carr.

A key factor in preventing some of these cold calls is regular service of units. "Then you can catch failures possibly before they happen. You can see wear and tear on parts that will give trouble down the road," said Carr.

That trouble adds up to more business for heating repair companies and more time in the brisk air for their technicians like Art. "It's been pretty cold today," said Thompson.

That's why his fingers work fast. "Just try to stay busy and get through with the job," said Thompson. Getting through gets him to the ultimate goal of getting the heat flowing again. "Feels real good to be able to get someone's heat going, especially when it's been as cold as it has," said Thompson.

It's a good feeling even if it means working sixteen hour shifts.

Another tip is to make sure you change your filter often. That can help prevent an expensive repair. SafeAire has even received calls for service after midnight. They'll come out, but it'll cost you a premium.

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