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Attempted robbery victim requests police patrols

Story by LeiLani Golden

ALBANY - The female victim of an attempted robbery says police need to step up their patrols to protect the people of Albany.

Early Monday morning police were called to an attempted robbery on Sky lane Drive in east Albany. When they arrived, they found the suspect, 18-year-old Terry Ryland Bryant, already disarmed.  Disarmed  by Jerone Loren. Surprisingly, Loren was able to take Bryant's gun away despite being in a wheelchair.

Now Bryant is in jail, but both Loren and McMillian still fear for their safety.

"I'm scared," said McMillian. "I've got my kids here. I'm scared. And we the only ones here and it just so happens that he was over here."

McMillian refused to show her face on camera because she believes she could still be a target. She thinks the 18-year-old Bryant was not alone in planning the robbery and that the true mastermind is still at large.

"I just want to know who sent the little boy over here. It's a motive to that. There's other people involved in it. So I Anna know who sent him over and I'll be okay."

This isn't the first time robbers have targeted McMillan's house. Almost a month ago, crooks ransacked her home. She contacted police and requested that regular police patrols be set up.

"Over here, it's real bad over here. It's a lot of break ins, it's a lot of robbing."

Deidra McMillian says she's already forgiven the robber for his actions.

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