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ADICA CEO requests more money

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – The Albany Dougherty Inner City Authority is asking the city of Albany for more money. The ADICA board has developed and adopted a set of bylaws, and Tuesday, the ADICA interim Executive Director asked the city for $28,000 for operation costs for 2010.

Just weeks after former ADICA CEO Don Buie was convicted and sentenced to jail, the ADICA organization is working to get back on its feet and to do that, they'll need a budget.

Interim CEO James Taylor said, "It's just basic operating money, we need to train the new ADICA board when they get appointed."

The city already approved about $22,000 for the organization. Now that bylaws have been passed, they are considering an additional $28,000 to pay off legal debts and audit costs and to put on events downtown like First Friday and a major attraction like a movie in the park event.

Commissioner Bob Langstaff wants more details about those expenses.  He said, "I don't want to force the issue, I don't want to have events just to have them and I don't want to advertise events just to advertise them. I want to make sure that the money Is being spent prudently and it may be something that we need to wait on."

Interim ADICA CEO James Taylor says it's difficult to pin down an exact amount for each line item since they are based on expected costs.  Taylor said, "As you develop your budgets over the years, it will get better, because you will have more data on which to base it upon, but today, I don't have that data so it is in fact an estimate. It's the best estimate that I can afford."

Langstaff says he believes ADICA is and can remain an important organization in Albany, but that strict oversight needs to remain in place. He said, "Obviously the public is closely scrutinizing it which Is rightfully so, but we also want to try to instill confidence in Downtown redevelopment and ADICA's processes."

One area with better oversight will be the façade grant process. They will be capped at $10,000 each and must be approved by the board. ADICA also expects to receive more than $90,000 in façade grant repayments from property owners who should never have received them. If the organization gets all the money expected, it could reduce the amount needed from the city for the next budget year.

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