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Lee County dogs get shelter from bitter cold

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By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  Nearly a dozen abandoned and seized dogs from Lee County were brought to Albany Tuesday evening for protection from the bitter cold.

Weather has delayed the completion of the new Lee County Animal Shelter, which means the animals are still kept in outdoor pens. Temperatures in the teens are danger to them, especially the smaller dogs. Lee County Animal Control has one building they've put heaters in to keep cats and puppies warm, but nearly a dozen other dogs have been left outside, now all of them will have a warm place to stay thanks to the Albany Humane Society.

Water bowls are frozen and the only dog at Lee County Animal Control enjoying this weather is a husky mix. Other large dogs left outside were shivering in the 30 degree temperatures.

"Right now the weather ever though they're bigger, they can handle it better than the little ones, but I feel like once the temperature drops down into the teens these dogs are going to need to be put in warmed conditions too," said Jackie Grigg, Lee County Animal Control.

Animal control put tarps up to protect dogs from the elements.

"A little bit it does block the wind off them," said Grigg.

Most of the smaller dogs have already been moved indoors.

"The smaller animals, that I feel like were house dogs, the strays I picked up for adoption I did transfer to Albany," said Grigg.

"I know they would do the same for us if we were in need and this weather is just too cold so anything we can do to help them," said Donna Strickland, Albany Humane Society Director.

In addition to the heat, they're being kept happy.

"A toy and a treat and trying to keep them occupied for the day," said Strickland.

A generous donor supplied the Humane Society with carpet, to keep dogs off the cold concrete. Weather conditions have keep Lee County from finishing its own indoor shelter.

"Once they get the septic tank in, inside they're going to get the electric run and hopefully by the first of March we'll be in there," said Grigg.

Not soon enough for the howling cold temperatures so far this year.

The larger dogs were being moved late Tuesday afternoon to the Humane Society in Albany. They're having to shift dogs around and in some cases doubling up smaller dogs in pens, but they say it's important to get all the dogs out of the elements.

The Humane Society is also accepting blankets or old carpeting people are willing to donate. The Humane Society encourages you to bring your pets inside during these frigid temperatures. If you can't they say your should provide the animal with straw or blankets to keep the dog warm and provide them a place to get out of the wind.

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