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Moultrie couple held at gunpoint, grand kids threatened

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By Jennifer Emert - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) –  A Moultrie couple and their grandchildren were held at gunpoint New Year's Eve.

Police are asking for your help to find the man who tried to rob their business. As the couple left their grocery store on Sixth Street Southeast just after nightfall, a gunman showed up and threatened the kids.

The Andersons just marked their 11th year in business. On their way out to celebrate the New Year they were confronted by a gunman. Because they were able to reason with the man, they were able to escape despite the threats to their grandchildren.

In the 11 years the Anderson's have owned and operated E&E Grocery they've never been held up, until last week. Ellenor Anderson and her five year old granddaughter Yasmine were the first out the door after 6:30.

"I hollered, 'Oh my God, he does, he has a gun, he has a gun,'" said Ellenor Anderson.

Her husband Eddie Lee was quick to follow with four year old Kai in his arms. Police believe this man, Latavious Clark also known as Octavious pointed the gun at the couple and demanded money. Then he threatened to shoot their grandchildren left in their care while their mother's serving in Italy. Eleanor repeated the threat.

"You don't want me to shoot the baby. You don't want me to shoot the baby," said Anderson.

Her husband Eddie was able to reason with Clark. "He said 'man, you can't do nothing to the baby, give me a chance to go back and put the baby down and I'll get the money and give it to you,'" said Anderson.

Once inside, Anderson showed us how her husband locked the door and set off the store's alarm. The couple then ran to the back of the store and again called police. A witness outside the store helped police identify Clark.

"He'd seen what he looked like, what he was wearing, they said year it was him and based on that he had recognized him when he was walking toward the store," said Cpl. Dave Underwood, Moultrie Police.

The Andersons escaped unharmed. "Just more fearful for the children, for them being in the mix," said Anderson.

Now they're being more cautious when they close up the shop at the of the day.

The Andersons say they didn't even have a deposit with them, that had been taken out of the store earlier in the day. They now they make sure they're both there to close up at night and they're keeping a watchful eye in their neighborhood.

Moultrie Police say you can make an anonymous tip about Clark by calling (229) 890-5451.

Latavious Clark is wanted for terroristic threats, attempted armed robbery, aggravated assault, and cruelty to children.

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