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Student arrested for bomb threat

^Sheriff Freddie Thompkins ^Sheriff Freddie Thompkins

March 12, 2003

Sylvester- A hoax caused major problems in Worth County and now a 16- year-old boy faces severe punishment. Students and staff evacuated Worth County High School around 8:00am Wednesday, after a man called 911 and said a bomb would exploded inside the school at 11:00am.

"All of a sudden teachers told us to leave the school because there was a bomb threat," said sophomore Jennifer Jones.

Within the hour, nervous parents lined up to pick up their children. "My granddaughter called me to come pick here up because there was a bomb threat," said Helen Davidson.

"My classmates were paranoid," said Ivey Davidson.

"Kids were trying to call their parents on cell phones, but teachers took them away," said Jones. "I didn't call my mom, but she's came. I don't know how she knew about the threat."

Authorities tried to keep children and parents calm while bomb sniffing dogs searched the building. The dogs found nothing , but the hoax disrupted the entire town. Students missed class, parents left work, and law enforcement was tied up for hours. "A prank effects more than just students and parents. It disrupts grandparents, like myself, and others who have to take off work to come get their children," said Helen Davidson.

"Our curriculum was effect tremendously," said Principal Kenneth Goseer. "This is financially and emotionally draining to a tight-knit community like Sylvester."

A phone trace lead police to a 16-year-old ninth grade student. And, he was arrested by 1:00pm. "He will be suspended from school and might be expelled or transferred to alternative school," said Goseer.

Goseer warns would-be copycats that they too will faces serious consequences. The 16-year-old is charged with two counts of terroristic threat and two counts of transmitting a false alarm.

He is at the Youth Detention Center and will appear in court Thursday morning.

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