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The search for donations underway

March 12, 2003

Albany-- It's going to take some deep pockets to pay for the Flint River Center. Flint River Partner's Inc. Development Chairman Emily Jean McAfee says, "It's challenging but doable because its a regional asset." The first million dollars needs to be in the bank by September.

The state forked over 24.5 million dollars to pay for the Flint River Center. The building is a gift, but the money to operate the center and pay for the aquatic species has to come from donations.

Construction on the museum and aquarium is underway, and should be done by early next year. But, the center can't open unless at least three million dollars is raised that will not only pay for the exhibits, but the salaries of the employees.

Flint River Center Board members are starting to talk with philanthropic groups across the state to get their support. McAfee says, "Albany has a responsibility to answer to the state who has given us the facility. Now we have to get the donated dollars."

The first million dollars is slated to be raised by September first.

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