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Echols County homes surrounded by water

March 12, 2003

Echols County - Olaph White makes a daily journey down his driveway, which recent rains have transformed into a nearly five foot pond. "About three years ago the water came up a little bit but not nearly like it has this time," said White.

Just to get to the nearest road, White has to travel about 300 feet by boat. But while most people in the area say it's an inconvenience, he actually enjoys it. "I'm used to it and it's kind of a pleasure activity for an old man like me," said White.

Luckily, White's home is set on a small hill, and most likely won't see any damage. "I brought in dirt a few years back and set it up high so it would be safe when we get rain like this," said White.

White's home hasn't seen any property damage, but he's a little upset about his vegetable garden. "I lost those Irish potatoes I set out, but I guess that's about it," said White.

Even though his home is completely surrounded by several feet of water, White says he's actually one of the lucky ones in the area. "I've seen the people up the road have to take a boat for two months in a row," said White.

While White enjoys his daily boat rides, he says he's hoping we've seen the last of the rain.

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