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Arrested councilwoman: "Wrongly accused!"

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

Damascus,  GA (WALB) – Gloria Roberts-McMurray spent Tuesday night in jail after an argument during a city council meeting that turned violent.

McMurray says she and councilwoman Phyllis Craft got into it over a loan to repair the city's water system.

She says they both stood up and started yelling and when others in the room tried to break them up, the city clerk got knocked down.

"I wasn't going to do anything," said Roberts-McMurray. "Let me go, stop. So being a big woman, I have big hips, and when I turned I don't know what happened to her but when I looked around she was on the floor."

City clerk Gloria Wynds was knocked down and hit a chair during her fall. McMurray was charged with five misdemeanors, but says she shouldn't have been the only one arrested.

"They should have been charged because I am totally disabled," said Roberts-McMurray.  "They're not to handle me this way. Pushing me and hitting me up against the voter's booth, hurting my neck and my spine. All of them should have been charged. "

McMurray is now banned from city hall. A meeting to determine whether to remove her as mayor pro tem was canceled because councilman Nathanial Thompson didn't show up.

A hearing will be held next week, and the public will have the chance to hear the audio recording of the meeting.


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