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After 9/10 of a century, she's still rolling

By Christian Jennings - bio | email

ALBANY,  GA (WALB) – How did you spend this last day of 2009? If you're like some of us, you worked, but if you're lucky enough to be Barbara Harris, you got to go bowling today.

She's a regular at the bowling lanes, even belongs to a league. And, today was extra special, it's her birthday--  her 91st. 

The Home Executive Bowling league has one very special member. " I don't feel any older than I did as a teenager or in my 20's," said Barbara Harris.

"Babs" as her friends call her, celebrated her 91st birthday today at Bowl-A-Rama. Making her the oldest bowler in the league by a long shot... although you'd never know it by looking at her.

" I used to be a pretty good bowler but I'm not anymore!"

She may not be the best... "If I can make a 120 now I'm doing good," but she certainly is spry. And an inspiration to anyone in her presence.

"She's on of the most energetic people I know," said Harris' grandson, Charlie Maxwell.

"She inspires me to keep going!" says bowling friend, Marie Watkins.

When it came time to show off her skills...she quickly showed everyone at 91 she's still got it. Bowling a Spare in her first frame.

Ms. Harris has been bowling since she was 16 years old. So I asked her for some advice...she told me it's all about having fun...  as my ball goes in the gutter!

I obviously need a few more lessons from the pro. A woman who said she wouldn't be where she is today if it weren't for her family and friends by her side.

" I'm a very happy person-- it makes a lot of a difference! I've just had a great life."

A life she promises to keep living to the fullest, Knocking' em down one bowling pin at a time.

Barbara Harris is a retired Marine, she used to bowl on a league for the Marine Corps.

Her best score is a 240... today she bowled a 103... she said our camera made her a little nervous!

When she's not bowling or spending time with family she says she's volunteering at least once a week.


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