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Dead child's identity still unknown

(Source: GBI) (Source: GBI)

By  Stephanie Springer  - bio | email

Coffee County, GA (WALB) –  21 years after a three year old child's body was found in South Georgia, the GBI has a possible break in the case.

A little girl's body was found encased in cement, hidden inside a piece of furniture, dumped near some woods near Waycross.

To this day, she's not been identified.

But now  investigators think a single e-mail may help lead them to someone who knows more information.

agents say recently they received an email from someone who appeared to know the name of the 3-year old little girl.... and in the email it said the child's family once lived in Tifton.

 Forensic sketches are the only things GBI agents have to help them identify a three year old girl they've named "baby Jane Doe,".

 "We may never know how this little girl died but for us its important for us to put a name with this victim," said GBI Special Agent Russell Mansfield .

21 years ago, the little girl's decomposed body was discovered by loggers in some woods outside Waycross. "They opened it up and found what they believed was a small child's hand sticking out of a foot locker that had been filled with concrete."

And whoever hid the child didn't want her to be found.  "What was found at the scene was a TV cabinet that a black footlocker had been placed in, and inside the footlocker was basically a young child's body that had been covered in concrete," said Mansfield.

An autopsy was performed.but to this day the cause of death and identity of the child remain a mystery.

For 21 years, investigators followed leads all over the southeast but have had no luck.  "We never received any credible information locally as to who this little girl may be until recently,"

In May, investigators got an email through the GBI tip line from someone they believe is from Tifton or at least familiar with Tifton.

 "The lead stated that the little girl's name might be Bridget and that her family at one time lived in Tifton," Mansfield said.

"It's probably the most promising tip that I'm aware of in this entire case so it does give you a little hope we can identify the child," said Dale Wiley, a GBI Special Agent.

 "We believe there are some people in Tifton or in Albany that might have some information and were just too scared to come forward back then," said Mansfield.

But unfortunately investigators have had no luck finding the person who sent the email.

"We have been trying to track this person down to see if they have any more information but we have had no luck locating this person."

GBI Agents believe someone in the south Georgia area knows who this little girl is and can help finally put a name on this innocent little girl who's life was cut tragically short.

 GBI agents believe Ware County was just a dump site for the child, and she may have died somewhere else. They also say an Albany Herald newspaper was found near the child's body, which is another clue that leads them to believe someone in the area knows who the little girl is.

If you have any information on this case, or you think you know who this little girl is, call the GBI office at 912-389-4103...or 1-800-597-TIPS or Ware County Sheriff's Office at 912-287-4327.


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