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It's the busiest day of the year for non-profits

By Karen Cohilas - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – They are busy accepting money and other donations from folks who are looking to get a last minute tax write-off.

Extra staff came in to the Goodwill store in Albany as hundreds of people came by to make their donations.

From appliances to clothes and furniture, people dropped off their no longer needed items to Goodwill today.

While their motives may be to get a tax benefit, the donations do much more good for others.

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"Today is a huge day for us with donations,"  said Goodwill District Manager Donn Githens.

Goodwill in Albany is expecting hundreds of people to clean out their homes and donate what they no longer need. "We have extra staff on hand today as well as if you see the boxes behind me, we have empty boxes set up to be able to get out there and get the goods that people are donating and make it as seamless as possible."

Jonathan Hornick brought a truck full of items to offload. He's happy it will go to good use.

He said, "It's nice to see people reusing stuff. It's perfectly good stuff, I mean there was a couple of printers that we dropped off that nothing is wrong with and maybe somebody can put it to use so it's a good thing, recycle."

As soon as the items arrived at the loading dock, they were sorted, tagged, and sent out to the sales floor. Donations are especially important this year, as more people are shopping in the store.

"We have seen an increase in our customers and our frequency of their visits. We're pushing more goods now than ever through the store to try to meet the need that's out there," said Githens.

Jerry Clack's purpose for giving is twofold. He wants the tax write-off, "I always wait til the last day." But he also wants to help those in need, and would encourage others to do the same. "The things that they don't need others can use."

So they'll keep sorting, and moving and accepting donations until the last car arrives.

The money raised through sales at the store, go towards job placement and training. Last year, in Southwest Georgia, nearly 2,000 people were placed in jobs through Goodwill.

It's not too late to clean out your closet to get a receipt for this tax year. Goodwill is still accepting donations for a couple more hours.

If you don't make it by then, you can donate in the New Year and use the write off for next year's taxes.

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