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Don't 'burn' in the new year!

By Jim Wallace - bio | email

ALBANY, GA (WALB) – Firefighters say for the first time in several years, there should be little danger of wildfires from fireworks this New Year's Eve, but they still they can still be a danger to children.

In 2007 U.S. hospitals treated nearly 10,000 people for fireworks related injuries. More than one third of those were kids, 14 years and younger. Even common sparklers, legal in Georgia, burn at more than one thousand degrees when igniting.

"Little kids especially like to hold them up and look at them," said Albany Fire Chief James Carswell. "Those little metal flakes off the sparkler can damage the eyes. So we want you to be real careful this New Year's Eve with fireworks."

The State Safety Fire Commissioner, John Oxendine, reminds you that exploding fireworks are illegal in Georgia, and that the use of them could be punishable by one thousand dollar fine or up to one year in jail.


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